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New updates to the Chrome browser on Android

We always know that the Chrome browser is one of the best browsers due to its speed and good interface in addition to its availability of all tools that make it easy for you to browse the Internet well without any complicated problems, and we are always dazzled by the wonderful updates to the Chrome browser every period, whether for the desktop or the phone. Today, we will talk about the new update for the Chrome browser on Android devices.

Update Chrome browser to manage articles on Android

The new Chrome update is very suitable for people who like to read articles on the Internet, sometimes when you use the desktop version of the Chrome browser on Android and you like an article on a site, but you may be busy or you do not have enough time to read this article, so this problem will be solved from today Due to the new update of the browser, where in this update the reading feature was enabled later in the new version of the Chrome browser (Chrome 86), and this feature will help to save any article at any time so that you can refer to it at a later time.

Details of the new update for the Chrome browser for Android phones

This new feature, known as (reading later) will work as a new, more updated and effective alternative to the old bookmarks feature available in the Chrome browser. The bookmarks feature is known mainly to people who use the Chrome browser on the desktop version, but what is new is that it is also available on mobile phones, which will receive It is very popular due to the large number of people using phones.

How does the Read Later feature work on Chrome browser on phones?

You must first be connected to the Internet in order to save the article

Open the Chrome browser on your phone

Open the site or article that you want to save to view later

Click on the three dots available next to the website address at the top

In the menu you will see the download option, then click on it

In the new update, you can also save any article you want by clicking on it, and then choosing to read later

Then, you can return to any article or page you saved by going back to the bookmarks and you will find here all the articles and pages that you have saved.

Attention :

In order to use this feature, you must install a version of Chrome called Chrome Canary, and you will find this feature available automatically.

 This feature is currently under trial and will be available on the official version of Chrome shortly.